About us

An upgrade, selection or maintenance dilemma in your conveyor systems?

Howdy! We are a small team of Industrial engineers passionate about conveyor technologies and its automation!

Conveyor master was conceptualized long before we started working on it. It was in the year of 2010 when we were designing a conveyor system for transporting cases in our company. The project involved 1000 meters of overhead slat conveyor lines with spiral conveyors for the transfer of our products to the auto palletizer machines.

We were searching for different possibilities to improve our project and saw that we could not find a website dedicated to conveyor systems in one place.

One of us said it is a good idea to start a website, which would be helpful for companies looking for any kind of conveyor information. However, we were busy with life and work, and of course forgot it.

Time flew and now we all got parted. In different roles. In different parts of the world.

And probably, the time for the conveyor master has come now!

We at conveyormaster.com try to deliver you accurate information and amazing facts about conveyors.  Everything we put down here is from our decade-long industrial experience and the research done for creating these pages.

We expect and hope that each of these pages will help you one way or other in your industry.

Conveyor Master: What we are not!

We are not a conveyor manufacturing company. Conveyor master will provide updated and important information related to conveyor systems that will help you improve your decision making, productivity and cost savings.

Conveyor companies provide high quality and customized solutions for almost all industries. At a future point of time, we might add advertisements from conveyor solution companies. It would support our initiatives. And will also make it easy for you to explore latest conveyor solutions from different suppliers.

Will you share our work?

A lot of thought, research and work have been put behind each article here. If you like our pages, please go on and share them within your circles. Let your friends too benefit from all these information, right?

Happy reading and productivity boosts!